Landfill Approval: We Demand The Right

More Waste Being Generated Than Ever Before


Canada is amongst the world’s largest generators of waste, with Ontario one of the worst culprits. The province is filling up landfill sites at an alarming rate and seeking to establish new sites – such as the one proposed at the Carmuese Quarry in Zorra, Ontario.


Diane Saxe, Ontario’s former Environmental Commissioner has said that businesses, such as factories, restaurants, shopping malls, and property developers, and schools, hospitals and universities, are generating far more waste than they should. They only recycle 15 per cent of their waste and send 6.7 million tonnes to landfill sites each year. That’s 2.2 million tonnes more waste sent to landfill than residents are responsible for. Part of the problem is that businesses and institutions are able to get away with a “use-once-throw-away” mentality, she said.


Read the Ministry's discussion paper on Waste Management and focus on pages 17, 18, and 19 - provide your comments now

More Waste. Fewer Places For It.


Ever since 9/11 attacks caused the US to close its border, temporarily, private waste management companies have been pressuring government to allow more in-province solutions.

Along with communities in Oxford County, Russell Township near Ottawa is in the also midst of a battle to fight the province’s process that allows private waste companies to open a new mega-dump over the objection of local municipalities.


The Ford Government has now promised to give municipalities a "greater say" in landfill sites.


Local governments must press upon their MPPs that this must mean legislation that guarantees the

"right to approve".

10 Reasons Why.

  1. Municipal governments in Ontario do not have the right to approve landfill projects in their communities. This allows private landfill operators to ignore the concerns of local residents and municipal Councils. This must be changed, immediately.

  2. Recent Ontario legislation will grant municipalities additional authority and autonomy to make decisions for their communities (e.g. Bill 139), yet the right to approve landfills is not included.

  3. Municipalities already have these rights for approving casinos and nuclear waste facilities within their communities. The province also recognizes the value of municipal approval for the siting of power generation facilities.

  4. Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area have a huge garbage problem. Solving this problem is the responsibility of these communities, not other municipalities – and especially not those who have taken extraordinary steps to reduce their own landfill needs.

  5. Unless real efforts are made to increase recycling and diversion rates – particularly for industrial, commercial and institutional waste – a new home for this Toronto garbage will need to be found. 

  6. Because space is filling up fast, municipalities are being identified and targeted right now as potential landfill sites for future Toronto garbage. 

  7. Other communities should not be forced to take Toronto waste. These communities must have the ability to approve whether or not they wish to host such facilities.

  8. Municipalities should have the right to approve or reject these projects, and assess whether the potential economic benefits are of sufficient value to offset any negative impacts and environmental concerns.

  9. While the province’s environmental assessment process is designed to identify risks, and risk mitigation options, landfills are not risk free. Landfills can contaminate local watersheds, air quality, dramatically increase heavy truck traffic on community roads, and reduce the quality of life for local residents.

  10. Municipalities should be considered experts in waste management. They are responsible for waste management within their own communities. Municipal governments have decades’ worth of in-house expertise in managing waste, recycling, and diversion programs.


I demand that the Government of Ontario provide municipalities with the right to approve new landfill sites in or adjacent to their jurisdictions.



June 27, 2019 - We are not Toronto's Kitty Litter - Ingersoll residents, politicians, and environmental actions group discuss their concerns about Walker Industries plans for a new landfill site in neighbouring Zorra Township. CBC story here.

June 3, 2019 - Do you have to be a dictator to say no to Canada’s garbage? Ted Comiskey, Demand the Right Chair, opinion editorial in the Toronto Star.

May 31, 2019 - Survey shows strong support for giving municipalities say over new landfills - a survey of Ontario mayors, councillors, and CAO shows that close of 40% of all decision makers would still approve a new landfill, if it met their conditions. Top three conditions for approval are environmental factors, site selection and financial considerations.  London Free Press story here


May 31, 2019 - Details of survey of Ontario municipal leaders

March 21, 2019 --- In an interview with Heart FM Radio, Premier Ford insisted that he thinks municipalities should absolutely have a say in where landfills are located. 

"Who are a bunch of politicians in Queens Park to tell municipalities how to run their municipality, it is up to them, they have an option, to opt in, or opt out, that is up to them, it is not necessarily up to us to overrule a municipality that is the last thing I would want to do. I don't care if someone says they have 300 or 400 jobs, we are not going to stick something in an area that people don't want."


Motion Approved - now over 100 Ontario municipalities!

The following Municipalities have approved the Motion to Demand the Right. To Date:

  • Adelaide Metcalfe

  • Alfred-Plantagenet

  • Armour

  • Amaranth

  • Ashfield

  • Asphodel-Norwood

  • Bayham

  • Billings

  • Blanford/Blenheim

  • Brampton (Peel Region)

  • Brockton

  • Brooke Alvinston (Lambton County)

  • Burpee and Mills

  • Caledon (Peel Region)

  • Cambridge (Waterloo Region)

  • Canton

  • Casey

  • Chamberlain

  • Champlain

  • Charlton & Dack

  • Chatsworth

  • Chisolm

  • Dawn-Euphemia (Lambton County)

  • Dubreuilville

  • Durham Region

  • Dysart

  • East Gwillumbury

  • East Ferris

  • East Hawkesbury

  • East Zorra/Tavistock

  • Englehart

  • Enniskillen (Lambton County)

  • Espanola

  • Faraday

  • Georgian Bay

  • Gore Bay

  • Grand Valley

  • Greater Napanee

  • Hamilton

  • Harley

  • Hastings

  • Hawkesbury

  • Hearst

  • Homepayne

  • Hudson

  • Huron-Kinloss

  • Ingersoll

  • Kerns

  • Killaloe Haggerty-Richards

  • Killarney

  • Kitchener (Waterloo Region)

  • La Vallee

  • Lakeshore

  • Lambton County

  • Lambton Shores (Lambton County)

  • Larder Lake

  • Laurentian Hills

  • Lennox

  • Machin

  • Malahyde

  • Marathon

  • Mattice-Val Coté

  • Mississauga (Peel Region)

  • Montague

  • Morris-Turnberry

  • Moosenee

  • Mulmer

  • Neebing

  • New Tecumseh

  • North Dumfries (Waterloo Region)

  • North Huron

  • North Perth

  • North Trent

  • Northern Bruce Pennisula

  • Norwich

  • Oil Springs (Lambton County)

  • Oliver Paipoonge

  • Ottawa

  • Oxford County

  • Papineau-Cameron

  • Parry Sound

  • Peel Region

  • Perth

  • Petrolia (Lambton County)

  • Plympton-Wyoming (Lambton County)

  • Point Edward (Lambton County)

  • Ramara

  • Ryerson

  • Sarnia (Lambton County)

  • South Stormont

  • Southgate

  • Southwest Oxford

  • St. Charles

  • St. Clair (Lambton County)

  • St. Joseph

  • Stirling Rawdon

  • Sundridge

  • Tay Valley

  • Tecumseh

  • Thorold

  • Thunder Bay

  • Tillsonburg

  • Timmins

  • Trent Lakes

  • Tweed

  • Tyendinaga

  • United Townships of Head, Clara, and Maria

  • Uxbridge

  • Wainfleet

  • Warwick (Lambton County)

  • Waterloo (Waterloo Region)

  • Waterloo Region

  • Wellesley (Waterloo Region)

  • West Elgin

  • Wilmot (Waterloo Region)

  • Woodstock

  • Woolwich (Waterloo Region)

Download the Demand The Right motion for your municipality.

Supporting Organizations.

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Landfill Information.

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North Perth

Survey shows strong support for giving municipalities say over new landfill