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A victory for municipal rights in Ontario.  Legislature passes Bill 197 Section 6 – requiring landfill developers to have the approval of local municipal council and every municipal council for communities within 3.5 km of the proposed landfill site. If such approvals are not included in the landfill developers final environmental assessment submission documents, the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation & Parks will not approve the project.


Ontario Gov't passes legislation that gives landfill approval rights to municipalities.

The Demand the Right Coalition is a group of over 140 municipalities that are demanding the Ontario Government provide approval rights for new landfills in impacted communities.

If your municipality wants to join this growing coalition of communities that are concerned about their ability to be on a level playing field with private sector waste companies, JOIN NOW.  Just have your council pass the DEMAND THE RIGHT MOTION. The waste industry is talking about the need for 10 new dump sites in Ontario, and they could be looking at your community.  Join now to help ensure your municipal has a say.

Ontario’s landfill capacity (both public and private landfills) will run out by 2028-2032.  Private waste operators are looking at new sites, now.

Ontario’s overall diversion rate has stalled over the last 15 years, with only 30% of waste diverted to recycling, composting or re-using, and 70% going to landfills.

Ontario generates over 8 million tonnes of waste annually that goes to landfill - garbage that would fill Toronto’s Rogers Centre to the roof over 90 times a year.

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