Municipal Approval Rights introduced by Ontario Environment Minister Yurek.

We have achieved an important milestone today: The Ontario Government will today introduce legislation that will provide municipal governments with the right to approve all private sector proposals to develop new landfill sites. When the legislative process is complete, communities will have a final say on whether a proposed project can move forward.

The legislation also provides municipalities within 3.5km of a proposed landfill site in any neighbouring municipality with the same right of approval.

Minister Yurek introduced the legislation to amend a number of components of Ontario Environment Assessment process to the Legislature at about 1:30pm today. Municipal landfill approval is part of these proposed amendments.

This does not mean that approval rights have been secured, yet.

The bill must go through third reading and be given Royal Assent. This process could take several weeks, it depends on how much time the Conservatives allow debate on the bill, and other bills, through the summer sitting. We also expect there to be committee hearings and a review process through the Environment Bill of Rights process.

A milestone day!

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