Ontario business group pushing for more landfills.

Ontario's Chamber of Commerce is helping the waste management industry in its aggressive push to create more landfills in Ontario. In an article in the Toronto Star, OCC head Rocco Rossi, reminds readers that:

"Ontario still sends millions of tonnes of waste to the United States each year, yet, given the current amount we generate, our province will run out of landfill space toward the end of the next decade."

As it currently take a waste operator about 10 years to go through the provincial governments' approval process for new or expanded sites - that means the industry is NOW LOOKING at new sites across Ontario. And, they are pushing for less regulation, not more, to speed up this process. Municipal approval rights are the only way to ensure that if your community wants to accept a new landfill site - it's on your terms. And, you can say no if that what's you want.

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