The Issue

Demand the Right Coalition of Ontario Municipalities

Today, if a private waste contractor wants develop a new landfill site in your community, all they have to do is get provincial approval. All that takes is successfully completing an environmental assessment process. But, right now, that process does not include municipal government approval.

That’s not right. So, more than 140 municipal governments in Ontario are working together to change it. (For an up-to-date list of the Coalition's members click here).


Municipal authority must be re-established. Ontarians support this. In a recent poll, nearly 8 of 10 citizens agreed that municipalities should have the right to approve new landfill sites. And, in that same poll of over 300 municipal leaders (mayors, council members, and CAOs) - more than 25% stated they'd consider hosting a new landfill site - if they had the right to approve.


The Demand The Right Coalition of Ontario Municipalities urges your community to join the growing number of towns, cities, and regions, that have passed motions demanding that the Government of Ontario fix this issue.


Please do so immediately. Add you community's voice. Join now by passing the Demand the Right Resolution in your municipality.


We need legislation that provides municipal governments with the right to approve new landfills.


"It's common sense to say that if you have a municipality that is producing a phenomenal amount of garbage, they shouldn't be able to walk into another municipality and say, 'This is where we're going to bury it,'" said Comiskey. "They have to be responsible for what they produce and what they make. So we demand the right to say yes or no."

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Chair, Demand the Right Coalition of Ontario Municipalities

Mayor, Ingersoll Ontario

Ted Comiskey